Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Workplace Safety Labels

It is common to see GHS pictorials, graphics, and labels in and out of buildings. While many overlook the importance of such details, there are good reasons for having your building or work area fitted with GHS pictograms or GHS labels. Here are a few considerations that explain the importance of having the Globally Harmonized System, GHS, operational in your company.

1. Legal Requirement

Every sector of the economy has safety and health standards that protect workers and other building users. However, there are universal safety standards that all entities ought to have in place. Top among them are the GHS classification labels. They fall into three categories namely,

Emergency Exits and Fire Equipment Labels
All business premises should affix emergency exit labels that are up to the standards set for the GHS labels. Firefighting equipment should be properly labeled, and a pictorial of the use of the tools should accompany the labels. The pictorials too should meet the standards set in the GHS pictograms.

Building Safety Labels
These labels allow for the smooth access and maneuver through buildings. They are inclusive of warning signs, and cautionary signs like ‘Mind your Head‘ or ‘Slippery Floor.’

Machinery Safety Labels
Heavy machinery that pose a risk of injury are required by law to be labelled.

2. Preventive Measure against Unnecessary Accidents

When warning labels and signs are put in place, people are more likely to take caution. This, in turn, prevents unnecessary accidents from taking place. On the contrary, mislabeled or missing signage reduces the alertness of individuals operating within the premises. Such errors cost the company finances used to seek treatment for the injured as well as the downtime spent in the recovery and repairs on the premises.

3. A Cover in Cases of Injury or Misuse

A company is at fault if an employee misuses a product or equipment due to mislabeling of the product or equipment. However, if there is injury or harm inflicted on a staff member from the use of a correctly labeled substance or apparatus, the fault lies with the employee. Thus, the company is exempted from any liability. This makes it all the more critical for the business to label substances and equipment within its premises correctly. Visit the ICC Compliance Center website to learn more, because they may be able to provide you with the information that you need.

4. Universal Method for Training New Personnel

Safety training is part of the orientation done to new employees. However, due to its extensive nature, most businesses conduct a crash course on the same. The safety labels and pictorials help reinforce the information on the safety training manuals. The labels and pictograms also serve as reminders to the personnel of the safety requirements.

Workplace labels are crucial in promoting a safe working environment. They too act as preventive measures against the costs that accompany workplace injuries. Be sure to invest in GHS workplace safety labels.